A Diabetes Drug Could Help Alzheimer’s Patients Reverse Memory Loss

This article was taken from: http://fortune.com/2018/01/02/diabetes-drug-alzheimers/


There have been no new Alzheimer’s treatments introduced in the past 15 years, but new research suggests that a drug traditionally used to treat diabetes could be useful in treating Alzheimer’s as well. British researchers found that the drug “significantly reversed memory loss” in mice, which opens the door to it being used to reduce memory loss in humans in the future.

The study involved giving a triple-receptor drug to mice that had Alzheimer’s and age-related brain deterioration. After they were given the drug, the mice were asked to go through a maze that tested their memory.

Mice that were given the drug showed reduced plaque buildup in the brain (a sign of Alzheimer’s) and overall improved memory. The cellular health of the mice that took the drug was also improved, as was inflammation that was previously seen on their brains, reports Genetic Engineering and Biology News.

Researchers have been exploring the connection between Alzheimer’s and diabetes for years. The study’s findings could help further existing research as well as move toward finding better treatments for those suffering with Alzheimer’s. The number of people with Alzheimer’s is currently expected to double by 2060.

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