OneCall24 allows you to monitor, every aspect of the care being given, giving loved ones peace of mind.

We use the latest technology to ensure jobs and communication run as smoothly as possible. Our ‘My Sirenum’ app allows you to respond to job offers, check your availability, and view your shifts, all at the touch of a button. Discover more about our app.


OneCall24 allows you to monitor, manage, and control every aspect of our Comprehensive Candidate profiles. It makes the process of finding work simple and efficient.

Maximising Efficiency

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Requires candidate check-in within two hours of their shift start time, helping minimise lateness, cancellations or DNAs.

No more paper timesheets

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No need for paper timesheets any longer! As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are paperless. You will be invoiced in accordance to the booking request and never any more.

Comprehensive candidate profiles

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Comprehensive candidate profiles are visible, allowing you to know who will be working, their compliance status and all their compliance details (you can then keep this on record for when you are audited by CQC).

Instant booking confirmation

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An instant booking confirmation is generated for each and every shift.

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Instant notifications

We notify you as soon as the candidate’s assignment has been completed.

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Fill shifts faster

The candidate receives notifications of shift matches, allowing us to fill your shifts much faster and more effectively than other staffing suppliers.

Intergrated Route Plotting Icon

Integrated route plotting

Integrated route plotting takes into account the candidate’s mode of transport and will direct candidates, and state their ETA so we can notify you of any delays.

Easy Invoicing Icon

Easy invoicing

Assignment completion confirmations are attached to the invoices helping to make invoicing prompt and accurate. 100% accuracy every time.

Calender Syncing Icon

Calendar syncing

The app syncs with calendars to notify candidates of their upcoming assignments.

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